Mindy Grossinger

My Testimonials

Pamela Haston, Initiative Manage for NCR-WCS-Americas

"A successful transition takes a lot of effort and I want to express my appreciation for the professionalism, attention to detail, and the exceptional communication I received from your team."

Frank and Maryann Carcich

"Buying and selling your home is a serious business best left to a professional. Mindy Grossinger defines the word for Realtors. Our selling experience was pleasant and fast with Mindy in the lead."

Richard W. Kennedy

"When Millie and I made the decision to have you as our Realtor, we didn't know how fortunate our choice was. You were so very professional in you dealings with us and yet it was so obvious that you are also a 'people' person."

Anne and Michael Paquin

"Out of five homebuying experiences, the latest was turning into a nightmare. Mindy's professionalism and determination helped us to find our dream home in one day. We were able to close in 30 days and have counted her as a friend for eight years."

Noel and Christine Weiss

"Buying and selling your home is a major change in your life. Mindy's wealth of experience makes the journey comfortable. Her expertise allows you to enjoy the change and look forward to it."